Monroe SA1999 Shock-Mate Shock Absorber Boot Kit


Monroe SA1999 Shock-Mate Shock Absorber Boot Kit

  • Tie-Strap: Secures new boot to strut housing
  • Self Draining Design: Eliminates retention of moisture and other unwanted contaminants
  • Boot: Provides rod protection from rust and corrosion enhancing service life
  • Unique Boot Bumper Attachment Method: Simplifies installation
  • Soft Entry Jounce Bumper: Constructed of highest quality closed cell micro-cellular urethane for maximum durability, helps prevent severe impacts

Heavy-duty construction and unique design features make the Monroe Strut-Mate boot kit the quality choice for maximum rod protection and improved strut life. Damaged boots may not protect the rod finish. A pitted piston rod can lead to premature strut failure. Deteriorated OE bumpers may not offer adequate protection from severe suspension movement, leading to premature strut failure.
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